The 4th adidas boot is due to launch this month in time for the champions league final between adidas sponsored Bayern Munich and puma sponsored Borussia Dortmund. We expect at least 5 players to be wearing the new adidas boot. The nitrocharge 1.0 Boot is the flagship of the new Adidas Nitrocharge Boot which is designed for giving players more energy for their 90 minutes power way of playing football.

adidas Nitrocharge hits the training grounds!




The Nitrocharge 1.0 will be available in 3 different stud configuration. adidas have released take down versions and sole types of the boot for the lower end market, nitrocharge 1.0 TRX FG Mi-Coach, nitrocharge 1.0 XTRX SG, nitrocharge 1.0 TRX AG, nitrocharge 1.0 TRX HG
The other versions of the new Nitrocharge Boot are the cheaper adidas Nitrocharge 2.0 and Nitrocharge 3.0 Boots.




The new adidas Nitrocharge Football Boots