If you managed to stay awake to the early hours of the morning to watch the Diaz McGregor rematch then it would have been worth the tiredness today.

We were given 5 rounds of everything UFC, 2 fighters going toe to toe, their all to prove a point and back up the pre-match heat from both sides.

McGregor won one of the top MMA/UFC fights in history as it blew away a staggering worldwide audience with its sheer brutality and theatre.

The Irishman defeated Nate Diaz in their long-awaited welterweight rematch, even though he ended the night on crutches with a painful lower leg injury.

McGregor took the bout 48-47, 47-47, 48-47 according to the judges.

But some leading MMA experts, including a number of McGregor’s fellow fighters, didn’t have the same numbers.

And plenty of them were willing to put their necks on the line in the immediate aftermath of this gruelling duel by claiming that Diaz should, in fact, have come away victorious.




Diaz bloody & on the floor