Email just in from the team at Nike in London to give us the go ahead to release the mush anticipated release of the new Nike Mercurial Football boots. Keeping in line with the superfly sock and flyknit technology the boot is stepping up its speed and looking to leave the competition adidas Messi football boots behind. the race for the fastest football boot is a battle between Nike and adidas but Puma evoSPEED is looking to make it a three-horse race but will this include a sock like the new adidas range?

Nike spokesman said:

“Our approach with the new Mercurial was to challenge all assumptions about speed, merging science with design to build the fastest boot in football,” explains Nike Football Design Lead Jeongwoo Lee. “We designed this boot holistically to ensure it was a true speed system, where all of the materials interlock to produce the most efficient package possible.” The new Mercurial’s anatomical plate is aligned with the natural contours of the foot, eliminating the gap that previously existed underfoot. Additionally, the boot’s soleplate is 40% lighter than the carbon fiber plate it replaces, yet it is stronger and more responsive.


The traction system of the Mercurial has also been revamped for speed. Nike’s design team tested different variations of cleats, blades, chevrons and other shapes in a variety of traction patterns. For the first time, Nike Football leveraged virtual Finite Element Analysis (FEA) testing, which provided scientific data to identify which traction pattern works best for the speed-focused player, inclusive of linear sprints.


The player synonymous with Mercurial, Cristiano Ronaldo, describes the new plate and traction configuration, stating, “It’s like my attitude. I’m a straightforward and aggressive player. The stud shape reminds me of my character and performs very well on the pitch.”