Thanks to the staff at Warrior Sports we had the chance to play test the New Warrior Gambler Football boots and this is how we got on…..


Warrior Gambler boots are light, comfortable and are ideal for control, passing and shooting


The boots felt a little snug when first slipping them on, the front are narrow so you will notice it if you have wide feet, a few laps of the pitch and you can feel the boots stretching and molding to your feet.


The Gambler boots are perfect for controlling the ball


Not ideal to wear Soft Ground boots on this type of pitch but with the Pro Sole plate you can hardly tell the difference.


The inside of the Gambler is amazing, your first touch stops dead, then its great for pinging a 40 yard pass with ease. Thy remind us of the old style Predator Mania, curl and pin point the ball anywhere on the pitch.


The detail on the Gambler boots are top quality, the rubber pads feel like they could last a lifetime, nothing cheap about these boots.


Inside the boots feel great, soft and well structured


The outside of the boots offers great control of the ball when running at pace


The boots mold to your feet after a few minutes running


Thats it, hope we have provided enough information for you to make your own mind up about the boots, we are giving the them an 8.5/10 knocking 0.5 off due to the tightness of the front when breaking them in…

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